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Healing Sessions

Transpersonal Healing Guided Meditation™ Group Sessions

Transpersonal Healing Guided Meditation Group Sessions are a blend of Divine Connection, visualization, mindfulness, healing energies, and high vibrational love in creation of a healing modality to lift and change—at what is right for you, right pace, right place.


All Group Sessions are live and any recording is strictly prohibited.


Please read all terms and conditions before booking.


All session sales are final, nonrefundable, and nontransferable.


Please Note: Fees are not dependent upon actual or perceived results and no specific outcome is in any way promised. By booking a session, you agree to Birchlight Energy’s Terms and Conditions of Service and Privacy Policy.

35-Minute “Journey of Reconnection of Self”

Guided Meditation Group Sessions

Sessions resuming in 2024. See you then!

“Journey of Reconnection of Self” A look inside (1)

What is Reconnection of Self?

The “Journey of Reconnection of Self” is a process of integrating each and every person’s highest forms of truth with the energy of the self in its current state, wherever that may be.


Once reconnected, all your chakras and energy systems, including those that reside outside of the physical body, flow freely, naturally releasing the energy that does not serve while simultaneously strengthening your connection to your intuition and inner guidance.


This meditation, though relaxing in nature, is a practice, a healing modality that is learned through doing. Consider these sessions exercise classes—we are exercising the muscle of reconnection. The more we practice, the faster and stronger the process becomes allowing for a deeper spiritual journey within the mind, body, and soul.


Healing Modality:

Transpersonal Healing & Divine Conduit


Healing Experience/Credentials:

Angel Reiki & Reiki Master
Vipassana Meditation Practitioner


NEW! Birchlight Energy Featured Healers

Birchlight Energy is growing! Starting in September 2022, we are exploring the possibilities of different healing modalities from the highest vibration in the highest and best good by connecting you to additional talented healers.



Please Note: Featured Healers are Independent Contractors of Birchlight Energy. They agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Birchlight Energy. Birchlight Energy is not held responsible in the event of any/all circumstances in relationship to violation of these terms.


Andréa Watson


Angel Reiki Master

1st + 2nd Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner


Healing Modality:
Inspirational Intuitive Reiki


“Deeper Within Reconnection of Self” Guided Meditation Group Session

These Guided Meditation Group Sessions go beyond clearing the clutter to find a deeper connection to your true self.



Contact Nerissa Solovitz: nerissa@birchlightenergy.com.