Andréa Watson - Birchlight Energy
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Andréa Watson

Featured Healer:


Healing Modality:

Inspirational Intuitive Reiki


Healing Experience/Credentials:

Angel Reiki Master
1st & 2nd Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner


Hours of Availability:

See Andréa’s Calendly for session availability. Click the desired session length below.


Session Rates:

60 minutes = $200  |  Check availability
90 minutes = $270  |  Check availability
Trinity Bundle (THREE 60 minute sessions) = $450  |  Check availability


Sessions are held virtually via your preferred form of telecommunication: FaceTime, Zoom, or Phone


Inspirational Intuitive Reiki


Inspirational Intuitive Reiki shares God’s love through energy healing, allowing us to return to the basics and recognize He hears our requests and cares about our every need. Life may not always be easy, and we are often faced with challenges, but when we put God’s healing energy in the center it all comes together. Healing starts when we lean into God and make the choice to have a positive outlook despite life’s circumstances.


In the presence of your spirit team and God’s healing energy, together we will work holistically to balance the mind, body, and spirit by clearing any energetic blockages. As a result, you may experience a sense of clarity that places you more in alignment with your life’s purpose and journey. Supporting messages from your angels, archangels, guides, and loved ones will be shared in hopes of providing their guidance for your highest good.


Although Inspirational Intuitive energy is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion.



Chakra Connection + Intuitive Positive Progression


Chakra Connection


Each of us has our own unique experiences as we continuously interact with people and encounter circumstances. These interactions provide some level of energy exchange and affect us. The chakras can bring in and emit energy from these experiences. Each chakra relates to a different part of our life and being. Through Chakra Connection stagnant energy is released unblocking these energy centers. Balancing your chakras may provide clarity allowing you to remain calm in everyday life, seeing challenges for what they are, and not be as affected by them. This free-flowing energy through an open chakra restores balance and a sense of well-being, resulting in harmony between body, mind, and spirit.


Intuitive Positive Progression


When appropriate, spirit provides messages of encouragement and guidance. The messages may allow one to see life more clearly and “get out of their own way.”


Quite often, we get caught up in life not seeing the positive part of the big picture. Being stuck on the negative can leave one paralyzed. Like a vinyl record that’s been scratched, the thoughts and feelings repeat themselves over and over again not allowing progression forward.


Though Intuitive Positive Progression we are “unstuck,” observe life from a more positive point of view, and more in tune with our truth.

Sessions: What To Expect


Introduction and “Meeting of the Minds”


Once you book your session, we will have a brief discussion where I will share the benefits of energy healing and allow you to share insight to your personal journey. Understanding why you chose to have a reiki session will help tailor the encounter specifically to you!




You are then guided through a short meditation (2-3 minutes). This will help set the tone, allowing you to focus and relax.


Energy Healing


You are encouraged to relax as we move through the energy centers of the body: Top of the head (crown), forehead (third eye), throat, heart, upper abdomen (solar plexus), lower abdomen (sacral), base of the spine (root). During this time there is open communication between us. You are welcome to relax in total silence or share what you are thinking, feeling, or seeing throughout. Supportive messages brought forth from your Angels, Arch Angels and Spirit Team will be shared.


Recap + Review


We will then close out with a session review and inspirational intuitive discussion of information that may help you in your life’s journey.

My reiki session with Andréa was truly amazing. She is a gifted and talented healer. After our session, my stress was replaced with feelings of being calm and centered. Andréa provided wisdom and insight that was deeply personal and relevant to me. I used to think reiki didn’t work for me but after my session with Andréa I understand how transformative it can be.



What a serene and relaxing experience, it left me in total awe! After seeking out many forms of treatment, finally, a little relief from chronic neck pain. From skeptic to new faithful believer… A 5-star reiki experience. I highly recommend a reiki session with Andréa.



My Reiki session with Andréa was amazing! Even though it was distance reiki, it felt like we were in the same room. She was very thorough and talked to me through most of it. I was able to see the color of my chakra while she was working on it and was able to connect to the advice she gave me after our session. It was like we had met before and were just catching up. I hope to have another session soon!



Andréa made me feel very comfortable, and communicated and guided me every step of the way. COVID-19 and back pain inhibited sleeping. It brings me to tears just sharing this. The last 2 nights after our session I’ve been able to sleep all night and finally rest. From the bottom of my heart thank you, it has been a tremendous relief. God bless you in this journey, may He strengthen your gifts and healing powers. This is only the beginning. I send you a huge heart full of love.



Please Note:


Featured Healers are Independent Contractors of Birchlight Energy. They agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Birchlight Energy. Birchlight Energy is not held responsible in the event of any/all circumstances in relationship to violation of these terms.