Frequently Asked Questions - Birchlight Energy
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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is Reiki?


Reiki is a type of energy healing that targets the energy fields, known as Chakras, in and around the body and removes dense energy and blockages. The Japanese word “Reiki” means “universal life energy.”


  1. What is Angel Reiki?


Angel Reiki specifically merges the Celestial bodies of Archangels, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, through the guidance of the Divine Spirit, with the healing energy of Reiki to bring harmony and a knowing of the Higher Self, clearing the pathway for love, joy and peace.


Interested in Angel Reiki Healing? Book an Angel Healing Session.


  1. What are Chakras?


The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit and translates to “wheel” or “disk”. Each chakra is a spiritual energy center residing within your energy field and corresponds to specific organs as well as the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual states of being.


  1. What is a Spirit Team?


A Spirit Team is comprised of Celestial Beings who surround a Soul Being on their journey, to provide guidance and connection to the Divine Spirit. These beings are comprised of, but not limited to, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones.


  1. What is Channeled Meditation?


Channeled Meditation is allowing the Divine Spirit and Celestial Beings in direct relationship to the Divine Spirit, to connect to the Soul Being through the meditative process. This process builds the knowing ability, the gift of Claircognizance, through cultivating the intuition. The channel of knowing creates a direct line of communication to the Divine Spirit.


  1. What is Spiritual Ascension?


The term Spiritual Ascension or Oneness means awakening your soul to a higher vibrational level or higher level of consciousness. Each vibrational lift brings you closer to your highest self and clears the way for your divine path. It brings freedom to the soul by releasing the energy that does not serve your highest self at each vibrational level or state. With each vibrational shift or lift up there is a process of clearing, balancing and lifting of all chakras and energy systems within your energy field.


  1. What are the 4 Clairs?


There are four main avenues to receiving information from the Divine Spirit. They are affectionately dubbed the 4 Clairs. These gifts are innately in all of us but some gifts may be easier to tap into than others at first.


      • Clairvoyance: the gift of clear seeing
      • Clairaudience: the gift of clear hearing
      • Claircognizance: the gift of clear knowing
      • Clairsentience: the gift of clear feeling



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