About - Birchlight Energy
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Meet the Team

Nerissa Solovitz

Founder + Transpersonal Meditation Healer

As a Reiki + Angel Reiki Master, Nerissa loves creating an intuitive connection to the highest vibration of love and light. In connection to the highest vibration, it allows the energy to flow freely and when coupled with Vipassana (Mindful) Meditation creates a pathway of release while simultaneously exposing the stagnant energies of this lifetime and lifetimes before.


This brings a deep release of the energies that keep us in a cycle or pattern of reliving trauma, pain, sadness or grief.


Join Nerissa weekly for Transpersonal Healing Meditation Group Sessions.

Cindy Harley

Blogger Extraordinaire

I’m a seeker and traveler on this journey on Earth. I love to seek out brave new ways to help myself and others align with their highest SELF but with joy and ease. I like to call myself a Mystical Mysfit or eclectic mystic.


You could say I have been a perpetual student of wisdom. I have studied with many different teachers, read many books, and tried different avenues of alignment. I have studied astrology, human design, tarot, oracle cards, angel oracle cards, crystal healing, akashic records, energy medicine, belief work, intention setting, working with the seasons, Paganism, Christianity, and Buddhism, amongst other topics. Most recently, I have been studying and practicing the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT helps you to release emotional attachment and move ahead with joy and ease.


I like to always see the Enchantment, Wonder, and Joy in the world around me. Live life with kindness and peace.

Dan Solovitz

Multi-Media + Meditation Producer

I am an active composer across the entertainment spectrum, and I have produced thousands of pieces for recording artists, television, and film. My approach to creating music stems from an immersive musical background and a unique tailored skill set.


I am Co-Founder and Music Director at Mayhem Music.