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Welcome to Birchlight Energy, a Healing & Meditation Platform. Our Mission: Meditation. Divine Connection. Artistic Creation. Come Together. In Fulfillment. Of a Collective Path. Joy, Love, and Peace. Let’s Lift Our Hearts and Live the Life We’ve Always Dreamed.
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Birchlight Energy logo
A Healing and Meditation Community Platform




Divine Connection. Artistic Creation.


Come Together.


In Fulfillment.


Of A Collective Path.


Joy. Love. And Peace.


Let’s Lift Our Hearts and Live the Life We’ve Always Dreamed.


Moving, Lifting, Releasing and Activating Energy to Create Connection to the Highest Truth.

Transpersonal Healing Guided Meditation™ Group Sessions Now Available!


Join us for a “Journey of Reconnection of Self” Guided Meditation Group Session!


Clear the Clutter on Tuesdays for 20 Minutes of deep release and flow.


More Guided Meditation Group Sessions Coming Soon!

Three watercolor birch leafs from Birchlight Energy's logo

Transpersonal Healing 1:1 Sessions with Nerissa


Nerissa Solovitz


Angel Reiki & Reiki Master
Vipassana Meditation Practitioner


Transpersonal Healing & Divine Conduit

NEW! Featured Healers of Birchlight Energy

Birchlight Energy is growing! We are exploring the possibilities of different healing modalities from the highest vibration in the highest and best good by connecting you to additional talented healers.


Andréa Watson


Angel Reiki Master

1st + 2nd Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner


Healing Modality:
Inspirational Intuitive Reiki


Alexandra Kerlin


Master of Arts degree in Holistic Health
Reiki Master
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP)


Healing Modality:
Healing Touch, Reiki, + Emotional Release

Awakened BEginnings


The Blog of Birchlight Energy

Spiritually Grounded. Heart-Centered. Personal. Connective.


In Hopes of Expanding Our Hearts Collective.


Featuring Resident Blogger Cindy Harley.

Meditations by Birchlight Energy

Where Art Meets Meditation!

5 Min Guided Meditation
“Creating Divine Connection”
20 Min Guided Meditation
“Rest & Rejuvenate”

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