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Birchlight Energy delves into setting boundaries and intentions before starting the channeled meditation process.
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Awakened BEginnings

Setting Boundaries for Channeled Meditation

Setting boundaries before channeled meditation image

Setting Boundaries for Channeled Meditation

Setting Intentions Before Channeled Meditations

Prayer and intentions set the boundaries for who is allowed to be present during the Channeled Meditation.

Asking for your Spirit Team or Celestial Guides to be present during your Channeled Meditation sets the boundary of who is welcomed in during the meditation. Be intentional in choosing guides.

Before beginning Channeled Meditation, set an intention that provides a direct connection to the highest vibration. This sets the boundaries of what type of connection is desired.

Setting Personal Guidelines with Your Spirit Team

Another way of setting boundaries is creating personal guidelines with your Spirit Team. These guidelines bring structure to when and what messages will be received. Write those guidelines down if needed. Recite the guidelines before opening a Channeled Meditation if desired.

Your Heart’s Intention

These boundaries provide structure in the beginning. They are not always necessary later, or even at all. Every person is different. Your heart’s intention is what is truly necessary. If you are unsure of your heart’s intention, the structure of boundaries may be of assistance. If your heart is clear in its intention, then the rules may not be necessary at all.

More Information About Channeled Meditation

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May you lead with your heart and feel the love of all.


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