Channeled Meditation: A How-To Guide - Birchlight Energy
Birchlight Energy delves into the channeled meditation process with a how-to guide on starting a channeled meditation practice.
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Channeled Meditation: A How-To Guide

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Channeled Meditation: A How-To Guide

Connecting to the Divine Spirit During Channeled Meditation

Everyone has the ability to connect to the Divine Spirit. Some people find it easier than others to connect immediately. It is not about how easy it is though; it’s about choice.

When we choose to connect every day, no matter what life’s circumstances are, we are stating an intention to connect through action, just by showing up. It may be only for five minutes or as long as 50 minutes. Let it be what it will be and trust that the Divine Spirit and your Spirit Team will be there for you.

How To Start Your Channeled Meditation Practice

There are many ways to meditate. When first starting out, find a quiet, relaxing space, free of all distractions. Add to the ambiance as you see fit (e.g., essential oils, sage, crystals, and music).

Relax and begin to breathe deeply in through the nose, followed by a slow and steady exhale out the mouth when ready. If this type of breathing is uncomfortable, choose any form of breath work that benefits you. From there, release the brow and relax the eyes.

Frustration may be a part of the process as well. Don’t fight it. Let it have its moment. Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus on the word “Release.” It’s a process. In the beginning, meditation may not be easy for you, but trust that the connection will happen when the intent is there.

Once the mind feels clear, watch or listen to the guided meditation of your choosing on our YouTube Channel. These spiritual tools help lift one to the highest vibration, while simultaneously creating a connection with one’s Spirit Team and the Divine Spirit.

During or after the Channeled Meditation, journal any thoughts, moments, or feelings that standout. Be specific.

More Information About Channeled Meditation

For more information, checkout our “What is Channeled Meditation?” blog post, book an Angel Healing Session, and watch our blog for new articles.

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Use the MANIFESTING SPIRITUAL ASCENSION GUIDED MEDITATIONS (with grounding or without) to connect to the Divine Spirit, or delve into the ANGEL ATTUNEMENT WITH SPIRITUAL ASCENSION GUIDED MEDITATION here for a deeper connection.

May you lead with your heart and feel the love of all.


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