What Is Channeled Meditation? - Birchlight Energy
Birchlight Energy explains that Channeled Meditation is connecting to the Divine Spirit Through the Meditative Process
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What Is Channeled Meditation?

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What Is Channeled Meditation?

Connecting to the Divine Spirit Through the Meditative Process

So what is Channeled Meditation? It’s a process that allows the Divine Spirit and the Celestial Beings (including your Spirit Team) in direct relationship to the Divine Spirit to connect with people through the meditative process.

This process builds the KNOWING ability through cultivating intuition. This happens first through breath and clearing the mind, allowing one to relax into the here and now, and then letting the energy of the Divine Spirit flow in freely. The channel of knowing creates a direct line of communication to the Divine Spirit.

Building a Foundation with Your Spirit Team

As a rule of thumb, start small and build a foundation of trust with your Spirit Team. Everyone’s Spirit Team is different but many consist of specific Archangels, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides. You can connect to Loved Ones that have passed over as well.

As the meditation process progresses, other Celestial Beings will begin to connect through the intended channel of the Divine Spirit’s Life Force Energy. These may be Angels of Love, Archangels, other Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, and ultimately the Divine Spirit.

More Information About Channeled Meditation

For more information, book an Angel Healing Session and watch our blog for new articles.

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Use the MANIFESTING SPIRITUAL ASCENSION GUIDED MEDITATIONS (with grounding or without) to connect to the Divine Spirit, or delve into the ANGEL ATTUNEMENT WITH SPIRITUAL ASCENSION GUIDED MEDITATION here for a deeper connection.

May you lead with your heart and feel the love of all.


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