Angel Healing Sessions - Birchlight Energy
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Angel Healing Sessions

How to Book a 1:1 Session

Currently, Nerissa has limited session availability. Please contact her directly to schedule: If you are under 18, we will need to confirm parental/legal guardian consent.


There are no refunds available after the session is booked, but you are able to reschedule your session (2x) up to 24 hours in advance. If you’re unable to attend your session and it’s less than 24 hours’ notice, you may transfer your session to a friend or family member. Contact for session rescheduling or transfers.


Please Note: Fees are not dependent upon actual or perceived results and no specific outcome is in any way promised. By booking a session, you agree to Birchlight Energy’s Terms and Conditions of Service and Privacy Policy.


35-minute session

Let Spirit lift you through 2022!


Birchlight Energy’s commitment to your healing journey: special rate through the end of year.

$122 $177/Angel Healing session
Includes Angel Attunement

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays:
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. CST
Contact Nerissa for availability.


Prior to the session, all that is needed is a comfortable, quiet place to relax; a good phone connection; and an openness to receive.


Every person is different and every session is different based on each person’s changing needs, but we always begin with an opening meditation and progress to the Angel Attunement, lifting us to the highest vibration and connecting to the Divine Spirit’s energy—all that is.


From there, I receive healing messages from your Spirit Team. Your Spirit Team is composed of your Archangels, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides. I do not communicate with loved ones who have crossed over. These messages from your Spirit Team are specific to your healing needs and may contain, but are not limited to, information of past lives, healing gifts, clearing and balancing all chakras and energy systems, and Angel messages of love, peace and hope.


I only receive positive and loving messages from the past and present—nothing from the future.


Once the session is complete, we will have five minutes to discuss session details. It’s helpful to have a notebook nearby to capture any points of discussion or interest.


It is suggested to watch the free Spiritual Ascension Guided Meditation (with grounding or without grounding) on our YouTube Channel beforehand, as this will enhance your session. For a deeper experience, delve into the Angel Attunement with Spiritual Ascension Guided Meditation.


Everyone’s path is different, and you should always do what is right for you. The first Angel Healing Session helps you understand the process and establish a connection with your Spirit Team. Some clients, depending on their healing and wellness goals, want to jumpstart the healing process and schedule several sessions in close proximity (for example, 4 to 5 sessions in a month). Other clients prefer to have a time of reflection between each session, scheduling one session per month.


Please read Advice and Tips and the FAQs for more information, and check out the testimonials on the home page to hear from my happy clients.


I am working with clients via phone. For clients outside of the United States, sessions via Zoom are provided. I do not see clients in person. Looking forward to working with you soon!



Contact Nerissa Solovitz: