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Birchlight Energy explores the Third Eye and Crown Chakras: happiness is truly seeing and finding inspiration.
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Happiness Is Truly Seeing and Finding Inspiration: The Third-Eye and Crown Chakras

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Happiness Is Truly Seeing and Finding Inspiration: The Third-Eye and Crown Chakras

By Cindy Harley

Hello Spiritual Seekers,

Visualizing, seeing, perceiving, and receiving!

What the eyes see is not necessarily the whole story.

I grew up in the 70s. Barbra Streisand is one of my favorite singers and actresses. In a 1970 movie, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, Streisand plays a kooky woman who goes to a psychiatrist to cure her smoking. While under hypnosis, she has a past-life recall of being a well-born English lady, plus other past lives.

So why do I bring up a 1970s film? Because it introduced me to reincarnation and hypnosis when I was just 10 years old. And through musical comedy, my mind was opened.

Here are the lyrics to the title song, On a Clear Day (Songwriters: Lerner Alan Jay / Lane Burton)

On a clear day
Rise and look around you
And you’ll see who you are
On a clear day
How it will astound you
That the glow of your being outshines every star
You’ll feel part of every mountain, sea, and shore
You can hear from far and near a world
You’ve never-ever heard before
And on a clear day
On that clear day
You can see forever and ever
And ever
And ever

If you would like to hear Barbra Streisand sing it, click here.

It is the line:

On a clear day
How it will astound you
That the glow of your being outshines every star

The glow of your being outshines every star. Wow!

Continuing the Exploration of the Seven Chakras

In this blog post, we are continuing our exploration of the seven Chakras. We are now going to contemplate the 6th and 7th Chakras.

Let’s start with the 6th Chakra—the Third Eye Chakra. In Sanskrit, it is called the Ajna. It is said to be located between your eyebrows or slightly above the eyebrows in the center of your forehead. This Chakra is associated with intuition, sight, and imagination.

As a child, did you ever do the “magic trick” of the floating finger?

Hold your index fingers pointed at each other with about four inches between them and about six inches in front of your eyes.

Focus on the wall behind your fingers and slowly bring the tips of your fingers together
Keeping your eyes soft, did you see the magical floating finger?

What does a kid’s magic trick have to do with the Third Eye? Well, again it is in our perception of reality and how we are not really perceiving everything around us. Some studies state we are only using about 10% of what our senses perceive. And what actually governs our perceptions? Our worldview, our conditioning, our education, and our beliefs. But how does that affect our intuition?

The Third Eye Chakra, Intuition, and Forming Our Individual Worldviews

Going back to the movie—when On a Clear Day You Can See Forever first came out, I had never contemplated past lives or reincarnation or even hypnosis. As a child, I attended a Lutheran Church. I was brought up in a predominantly Caucasian town where everyone went to a “Christian Church.” We were not really introduced to other cultures or beliefs. (Although, I do remember one of the culture lessons I loved from 5th grade was a story about Hawaii about a boy and a shark.)

My spiritual worldview then included Jesus as a loving white person who loved children and who died to save us from our sins. (I admit, I loved singing “Jesus Loves Me.”) But all this remembering (also a Third Eye attribute), leads me to the conclusion that I was conditioned to not see reincarnation as an option. But let’s actually contrast this with a child who was brought up in India. In Hinduism, one of their core tenants is a belief in reincarnation.

Excerpt from history.com’s article on Hinduism:

-Hindus believe in the doctrines of samsara (the continuous cycle of life, death, and reincarnation) and karma (the universal law of cause and effect).

-One of the key thoughts of Hinduism is “atman,” or the belief in a soul. This philosophy holds that all living creatures have a soul, and they’re all part of the supreme soul.

Having expanded my worldview, I believe in reincarnation and the continuance of the soul. How did I change my worldview so I could open up to more Divine Guidance? I read books, watched movies, traveled, listened, and followed what my intuition told me was true for me.

In reality, each of us has our own individual worldview. Each of us has had life experiences that color our perceptions and beliefs. No one’s worldview is better or more right than someone else’s. There is a reason we have the saying or idiom of ”Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes.”

Using the Third Eye Chakra

And how does this help us to understand how to use the Third Eye Chakra? We must realize that even our intuition may be colored by past experiences. To fully open the Third Eye means that we may need to embrace things that we think we’re not prepared to see or believe. The Third Eye Chakra is available to us to broaden and enliven our perception of the world around us.

third eye chakra details

Correspondences to the Third Eye Chakra:

Sanskrit Name: Ajna Chakra
Color: Indigo Blue or Purple
Element: Light or Vision
Stones and Crystals: Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Tanzanite


Signs Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked or Unbalanced

If your Third Eye Chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you may notice these signs in your physical or emotional environment.

-Eye problems
-Sinus problems


Ways to Align Your Third Eye Chakra

-Wear indigo or purple
-Use some of the corresponding stones and place them on the Third Eye
-Practice Mindfulness
-Practice Gratitude for the things you see around you
-Practice a Yoga pose: Headstand
-Get an energetic alignment (like Nerissa’s Spiritual Guided Meditative Movement Session which will help align all your Chakras–click here.
-Use EFT and affirmations to release old beliefs and emotions that might be blocking your ability to see. A possible EFT set-up statement: Even though I feel blocked in seeing the greater picture, I choose to open up my inner vision to see.


Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

I have clarity in my thoughts.
I am open to seeing the energy flow around me.
I see with my inner eye and make decisions accordingly.

Learn more about the Third Eye Chakra.

The Crown Chakra

Now we are coming to the 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra. In Sanskrit, the 7th Chakra is called Sahasrara Chakra. It is located at the Crown of your head and is our connection with the Divine. It is through the Crown that we have inspiration and enlightenment. Often in guided meditations, we will feel the energy of Source come through the Crown Chakra to enliven our energy bodies.

In this time, the world seems to be falling around us. It is our connection to Spirit or the Divine that can bring us peace and calm. I find that, when I am calm, I often find inspiration. I could be meditating, or I often get inspired when I am driving. Do you find when you are trying to solve a problem and find an answer, it doesn’t work when you try to overthink and analyze? But when you are calm, your mind opens to inspiration. Sometimes, inspiration can come through a book or movie or song. Sometimes inspiration will come as an idea or thought (a glimmer). We just need to allow inspiration to come through any means. Then paint, draw, design a game, dance, write, sing, play, plant, build, love, and be gentle.

crown chakra details

Correspondences to the Crown Chakra:

Sanskrit Name: Sahastrara Chakra
Color: Violet or White
Element: None or Spirit
Stones and Crystals: Amethyst, Super 7, Stichtite, Sugilite, Purple Fluorite, Clear Quartz


Signs Your Crown Chakra Is Blocked or Unbalanced

If your Crown Chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you may notice these signs in your physical or emotional environment.

-Spiritual addiction
-Lack of Inspiration
-Desire to oversleep
-Chronic headaches


Ways to Align Your Crown Chakra

-Wear violet or white
-Cover your head
-Use the crystals mentioned in the correspondences and place at the top of your head or hold while meditating
-Practice Yoga: Corpse pose
-Work with an energy practitioner or use energy techniques like Reiki or prana breathing
-Use EFT and affirmations. Possible EFT set-up statement: Even though I do not feel connected to Source, I am open to the possibility that through practice and willingness, inspiration will come.


Crown Chakra Affirmations

I am open to new ideas.
I am one with Source.
The world is my teacher.
I am guided by higher wisdom.
I trust the Universe will supply all my needs.
It is safe to trust in a higher power.

Learn more about the Crown Chakra.

The Seven Chakras: Your Body’s Energy Centers

Seven Chakras

Remember the seven main energy centers in your body. We must be grounded and feel safe to explore (Root Chakra). We can then allow our creativity and passion to ignite (Sacral Chakra). Our power and confidence will allow our creativity to flow (Solar Plexus Chakra). Love and compassion will center us in our being (Heart Chakra). We will be able to transmit or communicate our grounded passion and power with love (Throat Chakra). We will be open to truly being able to see and use our Intuition to know Truth (Third Eye Chakra) and will allow divine guidance and inspiration to flow through us and energize all of our Chakras and energy bodies (Crown Chakra).

The Chakras are energy portals or hubs that allow the breath of life to flow through us out into the world. The Chakras also represent archetypes that we may connect to in order to fully live our life as sovereign and compassionate beings.

We should be aware of these archetypes and what might be blocking us from expressing the full and complete person we could become.

Live True and Brave and Practice Gratitude.

Here is one of Birchlight Energy’s newest meditations: “Crown Chakra Connection,” or check out the “Creating Divine Connection” meditation:

P.S. One extra piece of inspiration for you, just because this song has been playing in my mind and inspiring me. Maybe it will also inspire you. “Happiness Is…” from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.

“For happiness is anyone and anything at all that’s loved by you.”

May you lead with your heart and feel the love of all.


Birchlight Energy | BE–Shine Bright

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  • Charlene
    Posted at 08:43h, 06 June Reply

    With the world in chaos, it helps to find our own peace. As Cindy implied, we carry a lot of baggage from past years, that we keep hanging onto. Until we can let go, we just don’t realize how much better we feel. Can’t wait to read your next blog!

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