Looking Within: Introspection, Gratitude, and Releasing Old Energy as We Transition to the New Year - Birchlight Energy
Birchlight Energy considers looking within during this transitional time moving into the new year, and self-reflection and introspection.
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Awakened BEginnings

Looking Within: Introspection, Gratitude, and Releasing Old Energy as We Transition to the New Year


Looking Within: Introspection, Gratitude, and Releasing Old Energy as We Transition to the New Year

By Cindy Harley

Hello fellow travelers on the path of awakening to our own Divinity,

We have passed the Winter Solstice and Christmas. Now we are in the throes of what is next. Usually at the end of the calendar year, people everywhere are looking ahead to the next year. Surprisingly, this might not be the best time to do it. We are in the time of introspection—the time of in-between—when it’s important to engage in reflection, forgiveness, gratitude, and valuing ourselves.

Setting Intentions to Release Old Energy

We want to start the year out strong with our new intentions and goals. I’m not saying that it isn’t time to do that if that’s what’s calling you. But it might be a better time to reflect on the past year(s) and release old energy.

I’m writing this on the Capricorn New Moon of 23 December 2022. New Moon energy is the time to put an intention out in the world. Letting the end of the year and the beginning of 2023 be the time for rest, relaxation, remembrance, and release feels right. So my intention is just that for this current lunar cycle (December 23, 2022 through the New Snow Moon on January 21, 2023)—allowing myself to rest and rejuvenate; reflect and release.

As I was contemplating what to include in this blog post, a poem called “Words” by Tahlia Hunter came up in my Facebook feed.

I owe myself an apology
For all of the times
I tore myself apart.
When I neglected my own needs
Lowered my standards
Berated myself
And put myself down.

For the self-sabotage
I continually inflicted upon myself
And the times when I apologised
For being who I was
And expressing myself authentically.

And I owe myself
The permission to start anew.

To forgive myself
For the battles I fought
That weren’t mine to fight
For all of the love
That I failed to give myself
And for the times when I failed to realise
That rather than being broken
I was worthy of value, respect
And beautiful, brilliant things in life

And that how I treated myself
Dictated how others would view me
And in turn, behave towards me

So by showering myself
With love, kindness, forgiveness and respect
In turn, I could pave the way
For others to do the same.

You can check out some of Tahlia’s other contemplative work on her facebook page.

Will you join me in contemplation, forgiveness, and valuing ourselves?


Rest, Relaxation, and Self-Forgiveness

During this time between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, we can rest, relax, and forgive ourselves. We can go back through the year and look at all that we accomplished. It might be that you did big things (a trip or a new business) or it might be that you fed your family, loved your kids, and lived each day.

Remember one of our energy practices that we learned earlier was the ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono mantra. It is a four-phrase healing mantra:

I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thank you,
I love you.

It doesn’t matter which way the four phrases are said. I often use this order:

I love you,
I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thank you.

I am actually using this mantra on parts of my body and my thoughts and feelings. Ho’oponopono really goes with the above poem from Tahlia Hunter. We need to forgive ourselves, ask to be forgiven, and wrap up with loving and thanking ourselves.

Instead of burying our emotions or ignoring them through distractions such as watching Netflix, we need to honor ourselves. They are our thoughts and feelings. We don’t need to bury them—they’ll just come popping out when we are under stress. We need to experience, digest, and release. And it is normal and healthy to do this.

Reflection, Releasing Old Energy, and Gratitude

Ok, but what does this have to do with the end of the year and moving into 2023? Most of the rush of the holiday season is over. Now is the time of year to take a moment and breathe. Reflect on the year. If emotions come up on your reflection, experience them and then let them go. We don’t have to hold onto the emotions, the people involved, or the event. Let the past be the past.

Practice energetic hygiene and release those old energies. Sluff them off. You need to make room for the new.

As I was listening to holiday music, I heard the song “Count Your Blessings” by Rita Wilson and Vince Gill.

This part really made my heart sing:

Count your blessings while you may
For we are here but little time to stay
All around are hearts sincere and true
Lovely things abound just waiting for you
Count your blessings while you may
The big or small, whichever comes your way
For then you’ll find this world a place of love
If you will count your blessings from above

“For we are here but little time to stay…” It is a great time to “Count Your Blessings.” Gratitude is also a spiritual practice. Can you think of five things you are grateful for each day? I’m grateful for having a bed to sleep in, food to eat, electricity, indoor plumbing, my kittens, and my family.

When five things come easily, up your gratitude quotient to 10 or 15 things. You may be surprised at how many little things there are in your life for which to be grateful.

Being grateful is part of the Ho’oponopono. Meditating in gratitude is another way to shift your energy. This Birchlight Energy Meditation Musing “Peaches & Plums” is a great short meditation to focus on gratitude.

As we take a moment to breathe, release the old, and count our blessings, we can ground ourselves and our Spark. Our Spark is our personal Divine frequency. Each of us is different, and that is what makes the world so wonderful.

Have a restful and impactful time during this transition from 2022 and the new year. Make art or music or dance. Connect to what brings you joy and count your blessings.


Birchlight Energy | BE–Shine Bright

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