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Birchlight Energy guest blogger Alexandra Kerlin describes distance healing, what it is, and the impact of this healing modality.
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Have You Ever Had a Distance Healing Session?


Have You Ever Had a Distance Healing Session?

Guest Blogger Alexandra Kerlin

Did you know energy work can be done both in person and through distance healing sessions?

Distance healing? How is that even a thing?

Trust me, it blows my mind every time, and I was skeptical at first as well. Distance or remote healing allows me to send healing energy to a person or work on someone that is not physically present.

Um, what?

Energy healing is not bound by space or time, meaning I can send healing energy to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Yes, but HOW? Well, I am not a quantum physicist, but this is basically quantum mechanics ya’ll. This is why/how prayer works.

Here is an example: Have you ever had a moment where you thought of a friend you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time, and in the next couple of days they call you or you run into them at the store?

The same thing can happen when we intentionally send healing love to someone. Sending healing love to someone works because energy is just a frequency.

One Big Connective Web of Energy

Think of the world as one big connective web of energy. When we send out a vibration (a thought, love, healing energy, etc.) this travels through the web matrix and reaches that person who needs the healing.

Just by simple intention. That is my best attempt at describing how it works. But maybe try this. Next time you think about someone you care about, send them some love and check in to see if they can feel it.


Distance Healing Sessions vs. In Person Sessions

How does a distance session compare to an in person session?

Honestly, it is very similar. I can do all the same work I do in person at a distance. The main difference is we just connect over the phone or Zoom, and I do my work as if you were right there next to me.


Imagine lying down to take a nap in the comfort of your own home and waking up feeling better than you have in a long time. Or maybe you lie down with a problem or a challenge, and you wake up with crystal clear clarity. That is what it’s like to receive distance healing.

The same benefits you would receive in person (for example, deep relaxation, releasing things that aren’t serving you, and feeling more grounded and connected to yourself) but in the comfort of your own space.


Distance Healing Sessions

Looking to try a distance healing session? Find a healing modality that’s right for you through Birchlight Energy’s healing sessions and guided meditations.

All my best,
Alexandra Kerlin
Guest Blogger
Birchlight Energy | BE–Shine Bright

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