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Birchlight Energy connects awareness and perspective to methods of solving physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems.
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Awakened BEginnings

Awareness, Perspective, and Point of View

Awareness, Perspective, and Point of View

By Cindy Harley

Hello Fellow Travelers,

Changes. This post was going to be on a completely different subject. But that topic was not flowing from my pen (or keyboard). So in true Energy Awareness, I decided to start over and allow the words to flow.

In olden days, when a photographer would take pictures with cameras that used film and manual lenses, they would think about the composition of the scene because it cost money to see the final image or idea.

Some questions a photographer might think about while getting ready for that perfect shot:

-Where is the LIGHT coming from?
-Remember the Rule of Thirds and where you want the eye to be drawn.
-Do I need to narrow or widen the aperture of the camera to get the correct composition?
-What am I trying to say with this picture?

Using Multiple Perspectives to Solve Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Problems

All of the above questions are the same questions we could ask ourselves when presented with a problem. Let’s use the example of experiencing a body pain.

“Where is the LIGHT?” could be seen as looking at the problem as “What is the pain shining a LIGHT on for me?”

“Remember the Rule of Thirds” could become “Which level of awareness (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) is speaking to me?” Obviously, there is the physical pain aspect, but how is it affecting me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?

“Do I need to narrow or widen the aperture?” directs me to look at the pain from a different perspective. What is it causing in the bigger picture of my life?

“What am I trying to say with this picture?” could mean “What is my body trying to tell me? What is my unconscious trying to say?”

We are constantly creating our own picture of our life. If we could choose to actually use our awareness of all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) to see what we are trying to tell ourselves, we might be surprised.

This idea reminds me of an Albert Einstein quote:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

So that would mean we really can’t solve the physical pain at the physical body of consciousness or awareness level. In energy medicine, a physical pain usually has an emotional energy attached to it. It doesn’t necessarily mean the pain was caused by the emotion, but that the emotion may be keeping the pain in place or making it worse. (Remember, no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness.)

Fear or sadness or guilt could be lurking under the surface and making the pain worse. Or because our mind is managing 100 different things at a time, we don’t notice that door and BAM! we ran into it.

Or there could be a memory of an earlier event or a belief that is making us hold on to the pain and making it worse.

Either way, we need to ask questions and look for an answer, like composing the perfect picture.

Awareness and Planes of Existence

Everyday things can happen that can trigger us and throw us off kilter.

I stubbed my toe…
I woke up late and on the wrong side of the bed…
I don’t like writing about the original blog post idea…
I watched something on YouTube that made me angry…

When you get into a funk, STOP—look at the situation from an artist’s or photographer’s point of view. Take your consciousness outside the immediate problem. Ask yourself, “How do I make this picture what I want to see?”

A long time ago in what feels like a galaxy far, far away, I was studying an energy system called Omega. My teacher would bring in the writings of Alice Bailey and Theosophy. In Esoteric Cosmology, there is a concept called Planes of Existence.

A plane is called “a subtle state, level, or region of reality, each plane corresponding to some type kind of category of being.” (Learn more here)

I like to research, and there are so many different versions of the seven planes or bodies. And it can go quite deeply into esoteric knowledge, but that isn’t really the point of this article. The point is that there are different levels of energy awareness/consciousness that are part of our makeup. We are more than just a physical body. I like the more recent book Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan. The descriptive images on this website also spoke to me.

The author of the page above notes that there may be an energetic or higher vibration correspondence between the energy field bodies in the different planes. But that could be a whole new line of research and blog post. 😉

We can and should use our awareness of our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations to help us center so we can live an awakened life or access the higher octave of the physical plane.

Connecting Our Physical Plane with the Astral and Spiritual Planes

I want to reiterate that we live, move, and have our awareness in the physical plane. We can access the astral and spiritual planes, but we still need to feed ourselves and nourish our physical mind, body, and emotions. The physical plane is where we can feel the rush of pleasure. We can bring the mental archetypes into a form to which we can relate. We can feel the higher vibrations of the celestial. We can craft our life experience.

We can be an awakened and embodied being, and we can be open to the grace from our Spirit Guides and Soul. It is time to become the artist of our life experiences and reconnect to self.

It wouldn’t be a post from me without a little music; here’s a song from Disney’s Moana.

“The call is inside of me…”

Sometimes we need a little help to “know” what the call is inside of us and how to paint the picture. Birchlight Energy has a short eight-minute meditation called “Cultivate Your Knowing” that can help you find it.

Weekly 20-Minute Guided Healing Meditations by Birchlight Energy

Nerissa and Birchlight Energy is starting a weekly 20-minute guided healing meditation. You will be held in a container as you reconnect to SELF. This 20-minute healing journey helps to align your Chakra and energy bodies so you can reconnect. For more information, click here or email

Make your life the work of art that you design and then step into the picture and live it.

Birchlight Energy | BE–Shine Bright

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